Our system

Real-time software ensures that our whole organisation knows what is happening every minute of every day.

Intuitive mobile working

The mobile interface allows operatives to easily view appointment/job details and report completion – even when off-line. Live functions such as property alerts, property history, recording time and materials, variations, photo capture, certificates/forms, customer signature and much more. The schedule overview and Interactive Planner are automatically updated in the back office (from the mobile device) allowing management to monitor in real time and intercede if a problem is emerging

Visibility and exception reporting

In addition to providing full information about each repair, and consolidated information through the reporting system, impactRESPONSE has a comprehensive system of exception reporting. Our active dashboard identifies jobs which require intervention with a simple traffic light system providing escalation to ensure we do not miss targets. We can identify appointments not allocated, not attended, running over time, approaching target completion and follow-on’s required.