Meet the team….

Michael Hunt

Michael is responsible for leading the Linton Contractors business to ensure that all of its contractual and service standards are achieved. Michael enjoys a very hands-on role and will attend regular meetings to ensure that we continue to deliver and improve on the standard of service he has developed over the years. His experience within the industry covers every aspect of the work and management of it. It is this knowledge that has formulated several quality assured procedures that now exist within the business. Michael is highly practical with a complete understanding of the requirements of clients and has been responsible for the negotiation of many of our partnering schemes. Michael has guided Linton Contractors through year-on-year growth, adding additional services to the business as opportunity allowed

Brenda Hunt

Brenda oversees every component of the business to ensure excellent service delivery from the management team ensuring every project and client is treated with the importance they deserve. Her meticulous and professional approach has proven instrumental and decisive in ensuring the success of all contracts undertaken. Brenda has been inspiring in instilling this culture within the company

Natalie Kitcher

Natalie fulfils the role of Accounts and health, safety, environmental, quality compliance and monitoring across all projects. She is experienced with the ability to communicate at all levels. Natalie has a rational, conscientious and meticulous work ethic which is adopted with the initiative and drive to work towards delivering the most effective results possible. She will monitor and audit the performance of operations, investigate accidents and produce reports and recommendations in line with her findings. Natalie will also advise on changes to legislation, assess the competence of existing and potential supply chain partners with respect to health and safety, make suggestions for the improvement of our health and safety, quality and environmental performance, producing a monthly report identifying the performance of the projects for review Natalie has played an increasingly large part in the bid writing for new contracts and is now responsible for the quality element in all new contracts Linton Contractors tender for

Nicole Bonnici-Phillips

Nicole has over 16 years of experience during which time she  has worked on several Responsive Repairs and Void contracts for various Housing Associations. Her main responsibly is to manage and lead a small team of full-time employees to ensure key elements are delivered to the required performance standard. This includes managing internal and external key performance indicators, to ensure scrutiny of all activities to achieve performance targets. Accountable for delivering the key targets including, emergency, urgent, routine, minor voids and major voids. Nicole will ensure that internal resource (HR, Recruitment, IT) are used correctly, efficiently and in a timely manner, Nicole will ensure that the mobilization plan is followed and any amendments / bottlenecks are escalated quickly

Kerry O’Sullivan

Kerry oversees the smooth operation of our office and the implementation of our bespoke IT system Impact Response, which provides an interface to client’s IT systems and logs all repairs undertaken with corresponding details. Kerry is responsible for ensuring orders are received, logged and works allocated to the relevant trades in the correct geographical area. Attending regular management meetings on responsive repair contracts ensuring a good working relationship with clients and an in depth understanding of how respective organizations work and their individual requirements

Laura Young

Laura possesses excellent communication skills, a practical, hands-on approach and a determination to succeed. She has a good working relationship with clients and an in depth understanding of the requirements required. She is the point of contact for day to day queries across the team and from the client, she is also the designated person to receive and action calls we receive from staff reporting situations they discover on site relating to the safeguarding and vulnerability of others. Laura’s virtues include an approachable manner and an understanding of the individual requirements of residents, she is knowledgeable of the needs of the residents who are more vulnerable and less able to make their point of view known

Viktorija Lekaviciute

 Viktorija’s main responsibility is to maintain the relationship between residents and the contractor, ultimately to ensure a timely, informative, efficient service is provided to residents in the most convenient, disruption-free way possible. Viktorija has quickly become a valued member of the team, adopting a can do attitude and willingness to help wherever required. She is an experienced member of staff with strong IT and excellent communication skills. Viktorija possesses an understanding and empathy with residents, and above all a positive and cheerful disposition. Her likeable and trustworthy manner gives residents great confidence in her desire to provide them with the best possible service

Tanya Skeels

Tanya recently joined us and proven a very popular member of the team, bedding in very quickly and understanding the mechanics of how the company operates. She is a reliable and conscientious member of staff who can be relied upon to grasp all administrative matters relating to the contracts

Ashley Smith

As our supply chain co-ordinator, Ashley plans and organises the transfer of goods and materials from manufacturers and suppliers to our office. Ashley is a good problem solver and has good number and communication skills. She will quality check materials via a two-stage process. Materials are ordered by Ashley to ensure they comply with the specification requirements. By using the best materials, purchased through vendor rated and approved suppliers, we significantly reduce the risk of latent defects. All materials are delivered to our stores for initial checking, then issued to vehicles within our fleet which acts as smaller stores for our trade staff to work from during the working day. She will only use supply chain partners approved by the Company and monitored via KPI feedback on projects completed